• What is Go?

  • The Game of Go
    Go is a 4,000 year old Chinese board game, and one of the most complex intellectual pursuits in the world. It is played by millions world wide, but is especially popular in Eastern Asia, where the game originally comes from. Go is so complex it is only recently that computers have been successful in beating a top level player. The game tests the player's spatial reasoning and logic, and relies on intuition and "gut feeling" to play successfully.
  • What do you need to play?
    To play a game of Go you need a Go board, black stones, and white stones. As you can see, there is not much needed to play a game. The game play itself is also simple. Each player takes turn placing a single stone on the board, back and forth. There are 3 standard sized Go bards: 9x9, 13x13, 19x19.
  • What is the ranking system?
    Strategy games usually have a ranking system to indicate when one player is more skilled than another. Chess is a good example. Go has two ranking categories: dan and kyu. The kyu rankings are the lower rankings. A total, absolute beginner is 30 kyu. As the player gets better, their kyu rating goes down, meaning a 5 kyu is better than a 10 kyu. The highest kyu rank is 1 kyu. After 1 kyu is 1 dan. The dan rankings go up, so a 6 dan is better than a 2 dan. The maximum dan level is 9 dan.
  • Can I play online?
    Of course. There are plenty of places to play Go online that are family friendly and easy to use. The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) is the best English language Go server. It is absolutely free. PandaNet is another great online Go server to play on, as well as the Online Go Server (OGS).
  • How do I find a nearby Go club so I can play in person?
    The American Go Association keeps track of all the Go tournaments across the U.S. You can also search for a local Go club so you can visit and play with real players on a real board. The American Go Association website will also have news on the Go world, as well as information on programs for young children and teenagers. Consider becoming a member if you want to help grow the Go community in the U.S.
  • Subscription

  • How long does the subscription last?
    Your subscription to Sunday Go Lessons lasts for 30 days.
  • What do you get for being a member?
    During the 30 days, you can watch the videos on the website, do Go problems, get up to 3 of your games reviewed (in .sgf format!), and keep track of your progress with our learner dashboard.
  • What if I want to cancel?
    You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will not be billed again during the next billing cycle, but you will still have access to the site until your current subscription period has ended.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Sorry, we have a strict no refund policy.
  • Videos

  • What kinds of videos are available?
    We offer videos on the game of Go, to teach you the strategy and ideas that you will need to raise your skill level. You'll find that there are videos aimed at players of all skill levels, from total beginners, to dan level players.
  • There are so many videos. Which do I pick?
    Subscribers have a "Recommended Videos" section. In this section, you will see which videos are right for your level, and are chosen not just based on your skill level, but also your weak points in the game of Go.
  • Learner Dashboard

  • What is the Learner Dashboard?
    The Learner Dashboard shows you the skills that you need to master at your level of Go. You can see where you stand overall in different areas.
  • How do I increase my Go skills?
    There are two ways to increase your Go skills: do Go Problems in the Problem Trainer section, and watch videos that deal with those Go skills. Getting problems correct in the Problem Trainer will increase your score, while getting incorrect answers might lower it.
  • What happens when my rank goes up?
    If your rank goes up enough, you will have an entirely new set of Go skills to master! When you first are promoted to a new tier, your Go skills will reset, and you will have a new set of problems to solve to rank up.
  • Game Reviews

  • How many game reviews do I get?
    Susbcribers can get a maximum of 3 of their games reviewed for every 30 day period that they are subscribed. Please make sure your Go game is recorded as an .sgf file.
  • What should I expect from my review?
    Your game review will have brief comments on the most pivotal points of the game. You will get tips on where you played well, and where your play could stand some improvement.
  • What if I do not 3 games reviewed?
    There is no carry over, so if you do not get 3 games reviewed during the 30 day window, then if you are subscribed for the next window, the games you missed will not carry over.
  • Problem Trainer

  • What is the Problem Trainer?
    One of the best ways to get better at Go is to do lots of Go problems. For subscribers, the Problem Trainer picks the problems that are suited for your level of skill. On top of that, you'll also solve problems that will help you practice the skills that you need work in, according to the Learner Dashboard. The program will prioritize problems that you have not successfully completed before over older problems.
  • Do problems help me gain a higher rank?
    Every time you successfully solve a Go problem, the related Go skill will go up. The amount it goes up is based on how hard the problem is. Solve more problems to level up!
  • I'm out of problems to do. What now?
    If you do not have any problems left to solve, that might be a good indicator you're ready to take your Go to the next level. Head to the Go Test section, and take the test. If you pass, you'll earn a certificate and rank up!