Sandbagger Showdown Part 2

Target Rank: 9 Kyu to 1 Kyu (22:45)

This one is a handicap game where my opponent played very well! At two stones, the difference between the two players is not large, so overplay must be avoided at all costs, but underplay can be deadly.

Sandbagger Showdown Part 1

Target Rank: 9 Kyu to 1 Kyu (18:17)

I assume the guise of a 4 kyu on KGS to show you how a stronger player handles certain situations and what we think about when we make moves. I hope this gives kyu level players a window into the dan mind.

Intro to Snapback

Target Rank: 24 Kyu to 16 Kyu (7:38)

What is snapback? It's a special situation when our opponent is short on liberties. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in Go to gain something bigger.

Ko Threats - What is that?

Target Rank: 24 Kyu to 16 Kyu (9:33)

Most beginners learn the ko rule, but they do not yet understand how important it is for the game as a whole. Some Go games hinge on what is called a 'ko fight.' How do you even win ko fights?

Don't Follow Your Opponent

Target Rank: 24 Kyu to 16 Kyu (6:41)

Go is a game of building territory. You have the entire board to work with. We have to remember that just because our opponent plays a stone does not mean we have to respond.

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