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Go With the Flow

Target Rank: 24 Kyu to 10 Kyu (16:35)

The opening in Go has a unique flow. It's all about moving from the local fighting to the whole board vital points. You try to zone in on the most important parts, play moves, decide the area, and then move your wagons on to greener pastures. This process happens over and over again until the middle game.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Target Rank: 24 Kyu to 10 Kyu (17:53)

As a double digit kyu, you may sometimes feel the single digit kyus are higher beings playing in the clouds, but they make mistakes like everyone else. Getting better at Go is about playing more consistently and making fewer mistakes than it is about knowledge of the game.

Learning the Large Framework Strategy

Target Rank: 15 Kyu to 10 Kyu (15:25)

We've talked about Moyos before, but let's look at some examples of how the strategy is supposed to work with the sanrensei formation. How do we handle our opponent coming in? How important is it to block the correct way? Where are the vital points and why are they important?

Mokuhazushi Joseki

Target Rank: 15 Kyu to 10 Kyu (6:41)

This is an opening move that is just not seen as commonly as it used to, but it is still good to learn nonetheless. Remember, you play this when you care more about the sides.

It All Starts With the Knight's Move

Target Rank: 15 Kyu to 10 Kyu (7:01)

This is a standard pattern that has been fazed out a bit, but still generally good to know. The point is that settling groups is very important. Make sure you can make two eyes!

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