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Gu Li vs. Cho U

Target Rank: 9 Kyu to 4 Dan (26:51)

This game teaches us how powerful aji is. We have to see the possibilities in our shapes before we play. Cho U expertly uses aji to his advantage in this game.

Yi Changho vs. Yi Sedol

Target Rank: 4 Kyu to 4 Dan (14:27)

The Stone Buddha vs the Boy Genius. Yi Sedol is famously known for taking on Alpha Go, but he is a spectacular player in his own right for his fighting style and precise play. Yi Changho is less active now in the professional world, but definitely a legend in his own rite.

Kong Jie vs. Park Yeonghun

Target Rank: 4 Kyu to 4 Dan (14:11)

Professional match between a top Korean professional and a top Chinese professional. We'll see examples of some great fighting technique and a do or die struggle in the center. Don't miss it!

Alpha Go Style

Target Rank: 4 Kyu to 4 Dan (10:52)

Ever since Alpha Go's stunning win against Lee Sedol brought forth a series of events that rocked the world of Go. Let's learn about what changes Alpha Go has brought and how we can improve our own Go game.

Alpha Go Style - Part 3

Target Rank: 4 Kyu to 4 Dan (10:54)

Let's keep kicking it with Alpha Go! We'll talk about a move that was commonly thought of to be a mistake but Alpha Go has shown us a new way to look at this pattern.

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