Find the Atari!

Target Rank: 30 Kyu to 25 Kyu (6:01)

As a beginner, we don't want to let juicy stones get away from our grasp. It's also important we recognize when our own stones are in atari. What better way than to practice?

False Eyes

Target Rank: 30 Kyu to 20 Kyu (6:45)

What are false eyes? Why are they important? We're going to learn a good rule of thumb today to tell if you have real or false eyes.

Basic Shapes in the Game of Go

Target Rank: 30 Kyu to 25 Kyu (12:00)

What are the basic shapes in Go and why do we want to learn them? What is a fast move and what is a slow move?

End Game Shenanigans

Target Rank: 30 Kyu to 25 Kyu (7:30)

Let's introduce double sente and reverse sente! Remember, in the end game, we have a certain order that we want to play moves in. It's important to understand if your move is sente, or just looks like it.

Double Atari

Target Rank: 30 Kyu to 25 Kyu (6:35)

For beginners, watching for double atari can be challenging. However, it's important for us to avoid it, and to be able to use it should our opponent give us the chance.

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